RISK Fellowship

Are you an innovator? Are you a risk-taker? The RISK Fellowship is being offered to you, as a member of NCSPOD, to support your aspirations in the field of professional development.

The Fellowship is designed to support you in your pursuit of advancements in professional development, be it theoretical, applied learning and/or technical. NCSPOD wants to support your efforts to take risks that could lead to creative solutions and innovations from which we all will benefit.

We are seeking submissions based on the following criteria:

  1. Research: Research initiatives related to professional development in higher education
  2. Innovation: In teaching & learning or leadership in staff and faculty development
  3. Strategic Planning: In staff, faculty and leadership professional development
  4. Knowledge Enhancement: In staff, faculty and leadership professional development


The Submission Process:

Must be an active NCSPOD Member


  • two letters of support attesting to the innovation; and
  • a description in 700 to 800 words specifying goals and possible assessment method.
  • Explain how this award will support your innovation. Will the funds help you to purchase technology? To hire a student? To attend a seminar?
  • Explain how this award will support your innovation in the field of professional development.


The deadline for submission in 2016 will be announced shortly.

Submit Applications to: Bobbi Dunham  (communications@ncspod.org)

The award is US$500.00

RISK Fellowship Awards Winners will be announced publicly to the NCSPOD Community.



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