Working With You

NCSPOD strives to support a community of professional developers in the ever-changing and evolving world of adult education. As you endeavour to support your learners in a diverse and technically-enhanced learning environment, we need to be aware of your needs  to grow and develop as a professional developer, with the skills required in the 21st century.

We recently surveyed our members and heard what matters most to you professionally. Thank you for telling us what we need to focus on in 2018.  In response, NCSPOD is getting ready to support you.

How will NCSPOD support you?

We will support your professional development by recognizing the development of competencies required of 21st century professional developers. We aim to recognize your formal, informal and non-formal learning as it relates to staff, program and organizational development (SPOD).

Stay tuned as we launch a new program for SPOD New Practitioner’s in the new year; the first level of a three-level credential program for SPOD.

What else is NCSPOD doing?

Let’s talk resources. There an overwhelming amount of resources and information on the web. Where do you go for information to support your learning or to find ideas and best practices in SPOD? The subject matter experts (SMEs) at NCSPOD have a significant amount of knowledge and experience in SPOD and are working to curate resources for you.

NCSPOD offers you a collection of recommended, relevant and current resources for professional developers. This too will launch in the new year.


Focus of Engagement

  • currency in 21st century learning and development
  • recognition of learning, all learning
  • service to professional developers, new and ‘seasoned’
  • futuristic thinking

Services To Professional Developers

  • knowledge sharing
  • supporting a community
  • professional development
  • exposure to new ideas