Welcome to NCSPOD!

The North American Council for Staff, Program and Organizational Development is a professional organization for individuals and institutions in business and higher education who are involved with staff, program, faculty and organizational development activities throughout the US and Canada.

NCSPOD’s mission is to support innovation and growth in the professional development community through learning and advancement. NCSPOD values learning, and those who strive to learn, by collaboration, inclusion, technology, methodology and critical thought.



Working With You

NCSPOD strives to support a community of professional developers in the ever-changing and evolving world of adult education. As you endeavour to support your learners in a diverse and technically-enhanced learning environment, we need to be aware of your needs  to grow and develop as a professional developer, with the skills required in the 21st century.

We recently surveyed our members and heard what matters most to you professionally. Thank you for telling us what we need to focus on in 2018.  In response, NCSPOD is getting ready to support you.

How will NCSPOD support you?

We will support your professional development by recognizing the development of competencies required of 21st century professional developers. We aim to recognize your formal, informal and non-formal learning as it relates to staff, program and organizational development (SPOD).

Stay tuned as we launch a new program for SPOD New Practitioner’s in the new year; the first level of a three-level credential program for SPOD.

What else is NCSPOD doing?

Let’s talk resources. There an overwhelming amount of resources and information on the web. Where do you go for information to support your learning or to find ideas and best practices in SPOD? The subject matter experts (SMEs) at NCSPOD have a significant amount of knowledge and experience in SPOD and are working to curate resources for you.

NCSPOD offers you a collection of recommended, relevant and current resources for professional developers. This too will launch in the new year.


Focus of Engagement

  • currency in 21st century learning and development
  • recognition of learning, all learning
  • service to professional developers, new and ‘seasoned’
  • futuristic thinking

Services To Professional Developers

  • knowledge sharing
  • supporting a community
  • professional development
  • exposure to new ideas


Who is NCSPOD?

For more than 40 years the North American Council for Staff, Program and Organizational Development (NCSPOD) has been committed to sharing, learning and growing within professional development in higher education.  The passion and commitment of our members is seen regularly; sharing ideas via LinkedIn, openly giving away curriculum content and ideas for professional development workshops, and supporting each other as the expectations and accountability in higher education reach levels never seen before.

The NCSPOD Board of Directors is a volunteer board of professionals from across the United States and Canada.  Each board member strives for excellence at our individual institutions and collaboratively for the greater good of NCSPOD.  Our work aligns with our mission; to support innovation and growth in the professional development community through learning and advancement.

The 2017 Board of Directors:


Bobbi Dunham


Instructional learning and Technology Specialist at Nova Scotia Community College

 15 years experience in professional development, specializing in higher-ed staff and professional development, instructional learning technology, eLearning design, and sustainability in higher education.

Peggy French

Director of Programs

Educational Designer at Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology (Hamilton ON, Canada)

Over a dozen years collaborating at the intersection of education and technology: facilitating intensives for faculty growing toward blended delivery; researching sound strategies and new tools; working with faculty in course and program re-design; and training on integrated tools for the learning management system (LMS).

Having taught everything from Kindergarten to grade 12 in Windsor, ON, graduate school at Western in London, ON, and continuing education online through Ontario Learn, Peggy has a unique understanding of learning at every stage and with different modalities.

Christy Rishoi

Director of Strategic Development

Professor of English; Consultant for Part-time and Adjunct Faculty Professional Development at Mott College, Flint, MI. I’m a member of the Humanities Division

I’m excited to be part of an organization with national reach, and to contribute to the planning and conversation about professional development. The opportunity to contribute meaningfully is most welcome.

Zafar Syed

Director of Finance and Membership

 A.D. Educational Technology at McMasterUniversity

pending bio

Adrienne Mitchell

Director of Assessment 

Faculty Professional Development Coordinator at Lane Community College

Best practices for online instruction and developmental education, promoting second language acquisition in the classroom, and literary translation.

Pam Jones

Director of Engagement

Organizational Developer at Casper College

bio pending



Mailing Address for NCSPOD

Bobbi Dunham
2384 June Street
Halifax, NS
Canada B3k 4K3
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